FNQ Mobile Computer Support and Solutions

Hotspot Management Systems


Connecting our Hotspot Management System to your existing Internet Service will allow Guests and Patrons to connect to the Internet while keeping them separate from your workplace network.


Our Hotspot Management System is a once off payment with no ongoing charges.


System Includes:

  • A full mini computer (hardware specs can be provided).
  • Pre-configured for easy installation
  • Connects to existing broadband service (1,500kbs or faster)
  • Block traffic to *wired* network (your office PC etc)
  • Initial guide and troubleshooting (plug in and forget)
  • User authentication/registration (no login code = no access)
  • Homepage redirection after login (usually www.google.com.au )
  • Block by mac address (specific computer blocking)
  • Customize login pages (company Logo’s to match your web page but simplified)
  • Client separation (users cannot see others on the network)
  • Free wifi access with specified Username and Password (can be changed at any time following guide)
  • Bandwidth shaping (limit all users speed to allow fair use)
  • Standard firewall operation (to block malicious attacks)
  • Content Filtering can be setup if needed (extra charges apply)
  • Web access to manage end-user access
  • Remote access with warning system that will let me know when the hotspot is down
  • Can fix and troubleshoot problems with Hotspot Management System remotely via internet
  • Network traffic and usage data


Combine this with some high powered access points to beam out WiFi to your whole location.

The quantity and type of access points used will also depend on the location.


A site survey is needed to check coverage.


Please call or contact me by email for a site survey or more information.